Cambridge Road Lamp Posts

This is a web site for the Residents of Cambridge Road, B13.

In future, we may discuss many things here, but right now we are starting with the Lamp Posts. Many of us have been trying to talk with the Council and their contractor, Amey, about getting some suitable street lighting for the road

We do need to upgrade the lighting on the road, but many neighbours have concerns about the style of the proposed lights and the way they throw excessive light into people’s rooms and gardens. “Lit up like a football stadium” is a common complaint.

Although we were expecting a further consultation meeting with the Council, we recently all received a letter stating that more suitable lighting would cost £10,000 more than the Council is prepared to pay.

We think that people who love their homes and the style of the area would be prepared to chip in to make the difference. If we go halves with the council we only need to raise £5,000. If 20 households contribute £250, we will have the lamp posts that are more suitable for our residential street.

We can do that with a “crowdfunding” web site. That’s when people set a target of money to raise and only spend it if we reach the target. People make their donations securely on-line, but the money is only collected if we reach the target. So, if we don’t reach the target everyone keeps their money and we get the councils proposed lamp posts. If we do reach the target we collect the money and use it for the lamp posts we want.

At this stage the Council has not confirmed they will accept our proposal, so we have not yet set the funding target and set up the donations web site. But when, or if, we do, then we’ll notify you here of the “crowdfunding” details.

When we have agreed the proposal with the council, we will use the crowdfunding site called Spacehive. Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform with a purpose: to “make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to bring their civic environment to life”. Its very good reviews on the BBC and most of the national press. You can read some of their press by clicking here.

So, watch this space!


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